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Gladon 125′ Roll 1/4 x 42 In-ground Swimming Pool Wall Foam Pad WFSG12525

Gladon 125' Roll 1/4 x 42 In-ground Swimming Pool Wall Foam Pad WFSG12525

Gladon 125′ Roll 1/4″x42″ Inground Swimming Pool Wall Foam Pad. Add years of life to your pool liner! All wall foams are NOT created equal! Compare this high quality flat foam to any others and you will see the difference. For use on metal, concrete, or wood to give smooth pool walls and floors. This 42″ high x 1/4″ thick high-density foam will provide a protective barrier between your new liner and the pool wall. Wall foam helps protect your liner from rust and corrosion and it will improve your pools heat retention. Help keep your liner like-new for years to come with wall foam! Create a smooth wall surface with this closed-cell 1/4 foam padding that helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation from puncturing your liner. 125′ Ft Wall Foam pad. 1/4″ thick x 42″ high. High density, inexpensive, lightweight foam for swimming pools. Protects liner from rough surfaces on walls. Insulates against heat loss through side-wall of above ground pools. Excellent thermal blanket of spas, tubs, and indoor pools. Moisture and chemical resistant closed cell structure. Wall Foam is made from both white and blue foam, You may receive either white or blue with your order, but both colors provide the same protective barrier.